GWT Results 2019

August 10, 2019

1st – Ian Wearing with Zoldmali Anizs at Genlusa
2nd – Austin Lindley with Trubon Harleigh TrojanĀ 

1st – Ben Barrett with Aytee Kalimar
2nd – Adam Snare with Tungadale Galatea
3rd – Simon Kirby with Artlan Belgira @ Helwyrcwm
4th – Nicola Chipper with Herlinga Herlewin

1st – Caroline Kenney with Stubblemere Kittywake
2nd – Michael Rogers with Disglairhill Apache
3rd – Simon Kirby with Artlan Belgira @ Helwyrcwm
4th – David Short with Typhoon Last Boy

Special Beginners
1st – Jan Wischhusen with Starshot Evan’s
2nd – Kate Blackwell with Fassfields Crazy Diamond
3rd – Lynne Cottrell with Parvus Unum
4th – Kim Bryan with Miadsc Precious Pearl

Top scoring Club member receiving the Angie Meek Memorial Cup was Caroline Kenney.

Congratulations to all and many thanks to our sponsors Skinners Dog Food and Sporting Saint.

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