Glossary of Terms



Quarteringdog running at right angles to the wind in a methodical manner to find game

Working a head windworking with the wind into handlers face

Working a back windworking with the wind coming from behind

Working a cheek windworking with the wind coming from either side

Length of casthow far the dog runs out before turning into wind when quartering

Back castingturning away from the direction of the wind when quartering

Depth of castdistance between each cast

Ground treatmentcovering all available ground in a methodical manner

Making good the groundensuring that any missed areas are covered for remaining game, following a point and flush

Baying/giving tonguebarking or yelping whilst chasing game

Peggingcatching and damaging un-shot game




To road into work out a scent from point to production

To draw onto advance steadily on point towards game

To hold game to keep game fixed by staunch pointing

To backto honour the point of another dog

False pointingpointing where no game lies (residual scent)

Sticking on pointreluctance to flush pointed game

Blinking a pointleaving a point when game is present

Flush cause game to take flight or break from cover

Steady to flush – flushing game then sitting and awaiting instruction to retrieve

Bumping game – flushing game without pointing or before being instructed to flush




MarkingWatching & memorising where game falls

Blind retrieve – a retrieve where neither the dog nor handler has seen the point of fall

Runner Game that has been shot but has run from the original point of fall

Taking a lineFollowing scent from the fall of a runner

Retrieving – picking up and carrying shot game and delivering it tenderly to hand

Running in – chasing and or retrieving game before being instructed to

Blinking a retrieve – failing to pick up a retrieve

Abandoning a retrieve – dropping and moving away from a retrieve en route to the handler

Eye Wipewhere another dog retrieves game on which a dog or dogs tried previously have failed

Hard mouthDamaging game when retrieving

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